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History of the Club.

The Golf Course in Chingford was originally established in 1888 as the Royal Epping Forest Golf Club (REFGC). The Club’s first professional, William Dunn Jr, expanded the nine holes to a 22-hole course extending from Hawk Wood to Warren Wood, and across Rangers Road.

In 1901, the City of London took responsibility for the course and public play was regulated for the first time by the City of London with the use of annual season tickets.

In 1914 the club relocated from the Forest Hotel to new premises as tenants. These were purchased in 1926 and extended in 1934. During WW2 many trenches were dug across the course as anti-aircraft precautions and a POW camp and an AA battery installed - you can see their faint ghosts on the ground today.

In the late 50s all holes east of Bury Road were transferred to the west side and the course remodelled to pretty much as you see it today.